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Intensity FX Presets
Kristopher Vaughn

Intensity FX Presets

Easily worth the price

Tutorial is very clear and easy to understand, loads of transitions that are clean and very easy to use. Highly recommend this pack!

250+ MV Transitions & Effects

Did I mention time saving? If you are looking to advance your skills in editing I would recommend these packs. Gives so many options that you can mix/match a wide variety of effects to get a certain style or edit you are looking for. Very fun and makes the process smoother for awesome results.

These presets are dope and super easy to use. Most are drag and drop onto your clip. If it's not, it comes with very simple instruction on how to apply them. Bro even has tutorials on how to make it happen. 100% satisfied. Makes my video editing process so much quicker. Thanks AKV!!!

Hi Adam,

usually I don't use presets that much. Recently switched from avid to premiere pro, so I was looking for some new presets just to safe precious time. What can I say, it is a huge time safer indeed.

Thanks for your work and effort. Worth every penny Adam.

very easy to use, would recommend to any newbie, since you have description on how to use it and how exactly, perfect package, keep up Adam!

Downloaded the "250+ MV Transitions & Effects" and it made my life 100000x easier! With a quick drag and drop, I was able to spice up my cuts quickly and seamlessly! Very thankful for this product.

80+ VHS Overlays
Dedu Viorel

Download with confidence, you will have a pleasant surprise . .

250+ MV Transitions & Effects
Kavin Moises Rosete

Thank you for this, its a big help for me to start my career, More blessings to come sir!.

Thank you man for this starter pack!

Film FX Bundle
Uros Golubovic

I honestly am gratefull for this package, worth every dollar

This pack is just a live saver

Searched for some dope music videos transitions pack for my Premiere Pro workflow!

Thanks for AKVStudios!

This pack is fricking insaneeeeee you are a born creative thanks to you man keep on making contents!!!

This transition pack has been a lifesaver for real. I won't have to look at a thousand tutorials for these edits.

I am a beginner and I have started making live recap videos of concerts. So far these transitions have been awesome for me, I would absolutely recommend!

Music Video Presets
Alex Damiel

Great Transistions, very affordable

I bought these package after trying the basic one which was very limited. These transitions are great and deliver few options to be more creative also in terms of sounds fx. I really recommend it. Finally the customer service was great and helpful when I have approached them to say that I need this package instead.

Premiere Pro FX Bundle
Giovanni Lamonte

I am a professional videographer and editor and I highly encourage using this pack. You cannot beat this deal. This amount of transitions and effects for such a small price is a steal and they are professional grade.

Thanks, man really appreciate these. They are so helpful and legit

amazing product, must have for starters

I downloaded this pack and im totally impressed and very happy with every effect and transition in it, this is the best thing ive downloaded online this YEAR!!!!!

Music Video Presets
Enrique Anaya

Thank you so much for this opportunity, keep doing an excellent work mate.

I really aprecciate it.

Just getting into these effects with premier, so far everything works as it should, and it’s giving me confidence to continue working with premier pro. They also look excellent and haven’t gotten through all of them but I know I will find a lot more interesting effects to sharpen my videos to look the best.

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