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5 out of 5 stars (based on 307 reviews)

1000+ MV Transitions & Effects


1000+ Easy drag-and-drop presets for Adobe Premiere Pro designed specifically for any type of music video. With over 1000 transitions and effects to choose from, the possibilities for your next project are endless! Apply the transitions in one click with our easy drag & drop presets.

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What’s Included: Circus Mirror Effect, 808 Bump Effects, Clone Effects, Color Strobe Effects, Double Exposure, Footage Jitter Effects, Ghost Trail Effects, Ghosting Effects, Lens Distort, Melt Effects, Phantom Effects, Thermal Vision, Psychedelic Effects, Shape Effects, Shine Effects, Bass Bump Transitions, Bounce Transitions, Camera Quake Transitions, Camera Shake Transitions, Distortion Transitions, Echo Bump Transitions, Elastic Transitions, Fade Transitions, Flash Transitions, Flash Twitch Transitions, Flicker Transitions, Fluid Transitions, Ghost Transitions, Hallucinogenic Transitions, Hit Transitions, Invert Transitions, Invert Shake Transitions, Jolt Transitions, Lens Flash Transitions, Matrix Flash Transitions, Morph Transitions, Movie Flash Transitions, Psychedelic Transitions, Psychoactive Transitions, Psychomimetic Transitions, Punch Transitions, Seamless Haze Transitions, Stretch Bounce Transitions, Shake Transitions, Tornado Transitions, Trippy Bounce Transitions, Trippy Gum Transitions, Trippy Transitions, Vibrate Transitions, Warp Transitions, X-Ray Transitions, and more.
  • Easy For Beginners 
  • Easy To Follow Tutorial
  • Finishes your project much quicker. 
  • Easy Installation

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Easy for Beginners

Simply place your preset on your desired video layer and you're done!

Finish Projects Quicker

Work faster and smarter with our drag & drop presets.

Tutorials Included

Easy to follow tutorials so you'll have no trouble getting the presets to work.

Frequetly Asked Questions

Your product will be sent to your email immediately after purchase.

To make editing your project easier. Our products speed up your workflow and add a unique style to your projects quickly and easily. Save time & money getting your projects done faster without the extra hard work.

Just contact our support team and we will help you out immediately!

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 307 reviews)
Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 307 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Very good2%

Easy and Fun

Review of Music Video FX Bundle

Did I mention time saving? If you are looking to advance your skills in editing I would recommend these packs. Gives so many options that you can mix/match a wide variety of effects to get a certain style or edit you are looking for. Very fun and makes the process smoother for awesome results.

January 21, 2023

Drag & Drop - Speed Up Post - Super Easy

Review of Intensity FX Presets and 1200+ Transitions & Effects Pack

These presets are dope and super easy to use. Most are drag and drop onto your clip. If it’s not, it comes with very simple instruction on how to apply them. Bro even has tutorials on how to make it happen. 100% satisfied. Makes my video editing process so much quicker. Thanks AKV!!!

December 19, 2022

Intensify pack and 3000 effects pack

Review of Intensity FX Presets and 3000+ Action Transitions

Hi Adam,

usually I don’t use presets that much. Recently switched from avid to premiere pro, so I was looking for some new presets just to safe precious time. What can I say, it is a huge time safer indeed.

Thanks for your work and effort. Worth every penny Adam.

December 18, 2022
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1000+ Cinematic Color Presets
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1000+ Cinematic LUTs Bundle
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1000+ Text & Logo Animations
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500+ Essential Sound Effects
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