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Most frequent questions and answers
Easy! Once we approve your application, you will have access to your own personal affiliate dashboard and receive a unique affiliate link. Then you will find a product you like, and promote it to others. Once they purchase using your link, you will earn a commission! Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.
When submitting your application, we will ask you to fill in your PayPal account. We will pay you directly to that PayPal account.

Yes, we pay our affiliates in bulks of at least $50. We choose not to deal with any lower amounts.

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with our products, the easier it will be to sell.

Occasionally, it may take your customer a couple of days to make their purchase. No worries, we will make sure you have that customer locked-in for 30 days!